facebook_integrator_icon.png Facebook Integrator

Facebook Integrator helps you connect with multiple Facebook Applications within your site using Facebook social plug-ins. You can set OpenGraph headers for separate pages using the Like Button block to integrate your pages with Facebook, use "Login with Facebook" to register and login visitors, enable real-time comments on events, show activities related to a specific page, and link comments on your pages with the appropriate Facebook Apps.

Due to the nature of this add-on, there is not interactive demo available.  We don't want to be sending numerous test messages through Facebook, and you don't want your Apps accessible by the next person coming to try the add-on.

For information on creating your own Facebook App, see Setting Up A Facebook App.  Once you have your Facebook App created, see Facebook Integrator Dashboard for information on entering your app details into your website.  Finally, the section Using Facebook Integrator contains usage information on each of the included blocks.

Concrete5 Compatible Versions

Facebook Integrator is designed to install and function in both Concrete 5.4.x and 5.5.x.  It will even function correctly through a 5.4 to 5.5 upgrade with no changes required.