linkbar_thumbnail.png      Linkbar

For Concrete5 sites, DBits Group has created the Linkbar add-on. A navigation block with configurable display characteristics and a dashboard interface to manage the links displayed globally within the linkbar blocks throughout your site. Use Linkbar to display links to external affiliates or other sites you wish to promote from your site. The dashboard interface provides fields to save contact information with the link code for easy reference when.

Linkbar displays links either vertically or horizontally using the alignment selected for each instance of the block. Links are added through an administrative interface in the dashboard. The destination (target name) and contact information regarding the link is also maintained in the database and may be viewed and managed through the dashboard. Links may be hidden without deleting them and the order in which links are displayed is completely within your control.

This is an ideal way to manage html link codes provided by other site operators for your web site.

Linkbar is compatible with Concrete5 version 5.5, and a version is available for download that is compatible with version 5.3 and 5.4. Visit the Linkbar demo site for more information and to try an interactive demo of Linkbar and purchase it from the Concrete5 marketplace.